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Nagelstyliste Nijmegen

The Nail Art club staat bekend om haar warme sfeer en de nagelstylisten in Nijmegen om hun professionele behandelingen. In de nagelstudio hangt een fijne sfeer waar cliënten zich comfortabel en thuis voelen.

Een vriendelijke nagelstyliste staat altijd klaar om deskundig advies te geven en te helpen bij het kiezen van het perfecte ontwerp. En…voor een vers kopje koffie 🙂

Iris van Hees | The Nail Art Club Nijmegen

Iris van Hees

You say it, and I will make it!

Life is beautiful. But let's be honest: it can also be busy and stressful. When I paint nails I feel relaxed, happy and 'in the moment'. That is what I aim to give back. A place where you can relax, be happy and enjoy the moment. And hopefully, everytime you look at those gorgeous nails, you can re-experience a happy feeling.
Max Roelofs | The Nail Art Club Nijmegen
Nail Tech

Max Roelofs

Let’s get creative and shape your ideas into nails that are the perfect fit for you.

Whether it’s a perfect single color or some next level nail art, creating beautiful nails and seeing a happy client is so much fun and fulfilling.
Sofie Claus | The Nail Art Club Nijmegen
Nail Tech

Sophie Claus

Whether you like it modest or bold: I will make it sophisticated!

What started as a hobby got completely out of hand! Seeing people become really happy with the end result means a lot to me. With more than ten years of experience I love to see how the nail business evolved into a daily beauty and care routine where women can express themselves.
Charlotte van Raaij | The Nail Art Club Nijmegen
Nail Tech

Charlotte van Raaij

You've got 10 canvases on you. Let's put art on them!

Meet Charlotte, to whom nails are like wearable art. For her, nails are about self-expression, confidence and empowerment. She wants you to feel confident in your own skin – and nails! This girl is here to help you rock that confidence, one nail at a time!
Esther Kruithof | The Nail Art Club Nijmegen
Nail Tech

Esther Kruithof

Life is not perfect but your nails can be.

As a kid I always loved being creative and since a few years I decided to use that on nails, because you can take the artwork with you every day! Using different colors but also glitters and patterns can brighten up my day. Whenever you feel low, just treat yourself on some art on your nails and it will definitely make you feel better.
Nagelstyliste Nijmegen The Nail Art Club Shannen
Nail Tech

Shannen Latukolan

From turning ordinary nails in to extraordinary work of art

"Your nails are a reflection of your personality, whether you prefer a natural look or express your creativity through nail art. I'm passionate about beauty care, and nothing brings me joy making people shine and feel confident.”